Dev Log

CHQ Beginnings: Project Miko | Homerun Miko | December 1, 2022 by Michael Sim

Greetings, Spirit Sluggers!

Today marks the debut of Homerun Miko on Steam and our very own Dev Log where we'll be posting project updates, post-mortems, and more! It's been a long road to reach this point and about as puzzling to figure out as our game 😵

September 2020 marked the beginning of our university's senior capstone series for game design majors where everyone would be placed semi-randomly into teams to start brainstorming and prototyping in two-week sprints. Oh, and since this was 2020 we were faced with the extra challenge of developing a game from concept to completion remotely.

After receiving our team placements from the professors and TA's, Team 15 was born. Comprised of three programmers, two artists, one writer, one gameplay designer, and one producer. Our main tools of the trade thus became Zoom, GSuite, Miro, When2meet, and Discord as we tried to coordinate a team of eight undergrads across different time zones where only three of us had experience working together before.

By October 23, 2020 we paper prototyped our core, spirit-themed puzzle solving concept in Miro and submitted a demonstration to the teaching team. Despite getting helpful playtest feedback, our sound department was still empty and three of our members opted to join new teams for the upcoming Split 2.

With another two week sprint ahead, the remaining 5 of us prepared to start bringing our idea to life in Unity and make a prototype that would help us recruit new members.

Thanks for reading and that's all for now!
-Michael ✌️